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We explore high nutrient food grown in Africa


We have four main projects launched in Rwanda.


Matcha Project

Rwanda grows quality black tea mainly for export. We are developing to produce a new type of green tea "Matcha" to export to Europe, US, Japan and Middle East to enrich the value of Rwandan Tea.


Sustainable Park Project

We are envisioning to create sustainable park in Kigali, where we can see how the vegetables and fruits are grown, and consumed within the park. It will be a fun spot for both adults and kids to enjoy Rwanda' s beautiful agriculture.

sustainable park

Eco-friendly Material Project

The project aims to achieve ecological and economical environment in Rwanda by developping biodegradable material for agricultural use and other purposes that can be alternative to planstic and paper.

sustainable park (1)

Export & Import

We connect local artisanal farmers to global market by exporting nutritious foods made in Africa. We bring advanced technology with capacity building to Africa by importing valuable goods, materials, machines and equipment.

"Afri-food" has strong potentials

We believe that "Afri-food", foods that are grown in Africa
has strong potentials in terms of quality an nutrient.

We are specialized in...

  • Focus in agriculture and evnironmental business
  • Creating value-added Made-in-Rwanda project
  • Fair trading – coffee, tea, chia seeds etc
  • Collaboration with local partners – farmers/producers/processors/marketers
  • Long experience in locally based agricultural sector

Our mission & value

Our mission

1. Enhance your health and well-being by nutrious foods.
2. Enrich your life with delightful experience.
3. Become a catalyst for revitalization and circulation of local economy.

Our vision

We add value on local grown produces
& deliver Afrifood to your table while promoting eco-friendly and sustainable environment.

Our value

Passion / Collaobration / Street smart

“We enhance well-being through what you eat, what you see & what you experience.”

Rwanda - Land of a thousand hills

It is said that Rwanda has 1,000 hills which make the land very unique. 

This is where Rwandan coffee, Rwandan tea and other tropicalfruits & vegetables are grown.

Feel the nature of rwanda

Investing in your health brings compound benefits for your life.

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